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"Baby Boy Screening"

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Last Saturday, we participated in the film premiere of “Baby Boy” by Singaporean filmmakers, Bambby Cheuk, Bryan Chua, Jessica Heng, and Toby Wu. We were really privileged to join in a panel discussion with Addy from the Last Resort, and bettered by the gracious input of Minister Desmond Lee, Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration, and Mr Eric Chua, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development.⁣

Baby Boy is a coming-of-age film featuring 17 year-old Zaki, who navigates his ambitions amidst a troubled family past and impending fatherhood. Zaki’s experiences made for somber and salient conversation around the topics of youth needs: ⁣

A youth’s needs are best met when the youth is empowered to meet them in community. This means concerted efforts across various stakeholders, in the hope that a life would be bettered, and with the conviction that every life is worthy.


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