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impart community

When communities of care encourage youth aspirations,

we give them a fighting chance to thrive.

Such communities are safe spaces that enable youths

to discover various talents and aspects of their personalities.

Youths are engaged through play and service,

in collaboration with community stakeholders,

to bolster their sense of purpose, belonging, and resilience.





Youths-facing-adversity are not engaged through their interests, disengaged from healthy communities, and lack guidance towards their future selves.


Impart innovates programs pitched at youth interests that integrate play and group therapy that cultivate resilience and a future orientation.

Examples of these programs include:

Boxing (GRIT)
Calisthenics (RISE)

Muay Thai (FITE)
VR & E-sports (META)

Soccer & Art (AVID)

Soccer (FUTR)

Sepak Takraw (APEX)

who is it for?

Each program has its own intake criteria. Kindly refer to for the latest details.


• Weekly engagement on a 12-week cycle.




Youths-facing-adversity are not valued for the assets they bring to their communities.


Impart works with our youths to understand their interests within their local communities, and how these interests can translate into practical care and a sense of belonging.

20% of our youths have already returned to serve other youths after completing one cycle of the program!

More details forthcoming in 2023 Q4.


Luqman Testimonial.webp

“We had just met, so I was really surprised to see how he opened up. It showed me just how much we all desire to connect and it made me a bit more conscious of the fact that every individual has their own story to tell. We have our own joys and struggles, and we all experience highs and lows. I'm not sure if this makes sense, but just having those interactions and listening to what they share.... It makes you feel like you're part of their life in some way. They trust you enough to share their stories with you and invite you into their highs and lows.”



Volunteer with Common Ground Floorball

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