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impart education

Education matters.


And it matters that youths believe that education gives them a fighting chance

for their future.

We work closely with community stakeholders to ensure that quality resources are paired with the right relationships – creating an experience where youths-facing-adversity can thrive.

our programs



Youths-facing-adversity lack access to holistic educational opportunities, limiting their readiness for success in their next developmental stage.


Jetpack enables youths to make the most of their educational journey, integrating academics, career aspirations, and financial acumen into one cohesive program

who is it for?

Youths within 2 years of taking their secondary school leaving examinations (i.e. ‘N’ or ‘O’ levels), or an equivalent or higher qualification (i.e. ‘WPLN’ or ‘A’ levels).


• Weekly academic support sessions
• Quarterly career exploration and  development programs
• Quarterly financial literacy and practice opportunities


Holistic educational support, academics included, to help youths make the most of their studies.


Certain youths-facing-adversity require urgent academic intervention to stand a chance at proceeding to their next developmental stage.


Launchpad prepares youths to get off the ground and going, finding their footing with personalised academic support so that they can be prepared for further developmental opportunities.

who is it for?

Youths preparing to take a national examination, with an urgent need for bolstering their academic foundation.


• Weekly academic support sessions



Academic support to help youths progress past their national examinations.

our education journey map

education journey map 1.png

stage 1

Stakeholder (professional youth worker, community partner, or youth) refers a youth to Impart

stage 2

Impart recruits, develops, and deploys a suitable volunteer to support the youth on a 1-1 basis.

education journey map 2.png
education journey map 3.PNG.png

stage 3

Impart facilitates the collaboration between volunteer, youth, and stakeholder.

education journey map 4.PNG.png

stage 4

Impart supports the volunteer and youth through any post-education engagement, which can take the form of healthy community relationships or mentorships.


Rui Zhe


Volunteer Tutor under Impart Education 

"It’s more like between friends than between teacher and student. Ruwen’s pretty open about his life, he doesn’t really treat me like a teacher. He’s pretty casual, and a chill guy - he doesn’t get too worked up about things, but he doesn’t get too serious about his work. He do half then he’s pretty happy already. He’s [also] quite outgoing and friendly, at least towards me. He loves to make small talk and just talk about random stuff… I try to ask him about different aspects of his life, and he’s quite willing to share, and that’s quite fun lah."

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