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Our Pillars

Our operations are divided into three pillars: Impart Education, Impart Community and Impart Mental Health Care.

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~1000 youths do not progress past secondary level examinations each year, and most of them face a complex web of challenges in their personal lives.


We work closely with community stakeholders to ensure educational resources are paired with the right relationships in order to create an educational experience where these youths can thrive.

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Youth development does not take place “in a vacuum” – development is influenced by various interconnected contextual influences in the youth’s environment. Effective youth interventions require improvements at the level of the community. 


We identify activities that interest our youths and collaborate with community stakeholders to build community through play.



Many of the children and youths in the community face life and/or psychological adversities. This has consequences on their mental wellness and in turn affects other aspects of life.


We journey alongside them in their healing process - in search of more helpful coping strategies as well as in exploration of their future selves. We also focus a lot on outreach and advocacy work!

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