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Here's a snapshot of how Impart and our partners come together and support youths-facing-adversity, building a community of care:

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Youths-facing-adversity often feel and experience isolation from quality support. Professionals, community members, and Impart staff come to know of their needs, understand them, and bridge them to Impart’s services.

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Impart’s well trained volunteers meet them and provide programs and services across our 3 arms. Each of these arms – Education, Mental Health Care, and Community – establish key developmental foundations. This eventually empowers youths to take on the next phase of their lives with confidence.

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Youths-facing-adversity who have completed our programs and received our services find themselves increasingly integrated in a community of care. Here, they find healthy ways to relate, connect, and take ownership of building this community. Youths are now empowered to take on tomorrow.

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impart levelup!

Impart believes that every volunteer who wants to be a Youth Advocate should be treated as a partner to be empowered, rather than a resource to be managed.


This means that Youth Advocates, who often play mentoring roles, need to be invested with learning and development opportunities. This includes foundational knowledge courses, skills development workshops, on-the-job training, and robust processes to facilitate volunteer support.


We care for our carers!

paving pathways

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Paving Pathways offers former youths-facing-adversity workplace opportunities to contribute to the social impact sector as working professionals.


Youths under this program are largely at a post-tertiary level. They do not possess the relevant academic qualification (i.e. NITEC/Diploma in Community Care), but desire to use their lived experiences and skillsets to be a part of their community’s change.


Impart mentors them through paid workplace opportunities, in order to equip them with requisite skills and knowledge for being part of the sector in the long run.

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