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What would it take for youths-facing-adversity to help meet the social sector's needs?

Paving Pathways empowers youths-facing-adversity to become assets to their communities and the social service sector.

You can pave pathways with us today!


Transforming Youths-Facing-Adversity
into Youth Advocates



Impart’s work with youths-facing-adversity over the past 5 years has brought us in touch with a wide span of youth experiences.

Some come from high-risk backgrounds, where gangs and substance abuse are the norm. Others come from high-need backgrounds, where mental health challenges and neglect are the daily struggle. Through our support, many of these youths have found their way back into stability and onward unto personal development.

Whilst our youths may have experienced success in part of their development, they can still be viewed as liabilities, instead of assets, to their communities. These youths need clear pathways to be empowered as assets to their communities.



We train youths-facing-adversity to serve as youth advocates, paving pathways for them to contribute to other youths and the wider community.


More than


have returned as Youth Advocates in our community of care!

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Snapshots of change

Youth panelists

Youths are invited as panellists to speak at both internal and external events, raising awareness about youth perspectives and advocating for change!


Volunteer trainers

Here, the roles are reversed.

Youths return to train incoming batches of volunteers through role-playing exercises, lending practical experience to incoming Impart Youth Advocates.


Active volunteers

Youths are given opportunities to support other youths through Impart’s ongoing programs, or serve their wider community through volunteering events.


From Youth-Facing-Adversity to Youth Advocates



Many youths-facing-adversity only realise their potential as social service professionals late in life.

Our youths' lived experiences can give them an edge as social service professionals, but many of them take more time to develop an aspiration for social service.

However, formal accreditation for professionals in the sector will take at least 3-7 more years.

Many of these youths do not have the time and means to pursue such options. And so they often pursue jobs to pay the bills – sustenance, rather than development and contribution, becomes their pathway forward.

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We offer youths intensive internships to build requisite professional foundations.

Upon successful internship completion, we sponsor them through a 2.5 year Work-Study Diploma program, that equips them with the requisite skill sets and accreditation to enter the social service sector as a helping professional!

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For successful cases, this empowers a                                                            to become a


social service professional


half the normal time!


    For example, a “normal” route of taking a Higher-Nitec course in social services followed by a diploma in social services will take 6 years. Impart’s internship and Work-Study Diploma pathway takes a youth 3 years!




narish's pathway

“To be honest, working at Impart (and in this sector) isn’t easy. There were many times when I felt like giving up because it felt like helping my youths to change was almost impossible. I didn’t know if I could do it. But when I saw how all my colleagues didn’t give up - they didn’t give up on the youths and they didn’t give up on the program - I also didn’t want to give up anymore. It’s the power of the community la. We knew that we just had to find the solutions together, and stay faithful to our mission."

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Narish first received Impart’s academic support as a private ‘N’ level candidate. Successfully entered ITE course of his choice. 

Completed his ITE course and traineeship with Subaru while exploring a career as an amateur boxer.

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Expressed interest in serving the community, accepted as an intern with Impart under the Paving Pathways program.

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Converted into a full-time trainee with Impart, successfully enrolled in a Work Study Diploma for Community Engagement & Development

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Artboard 7 2 2 2.png
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"For myself, I would say that I have honestly also grown more resilient. The Narish from before Impart would not have continued on this journey. The Narish now knows that this is a precious opportunity. Not just to change my life, but to change the lives of others. It’s sort of like when you know that there is a real grace that has opened up new worlds for you, and you want to treasure, cherish, and keep growing through that grace that you have received. So I’ve received all of this grace, and it has helped me to learn what it’s like to be the real Narish. It keeps me going on."


Giving Campaign

Support our giving campaign to continue paving pathways for youths-facing-adversity to make a difference!

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