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Words of affirmation that tide us into the future

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

As Singapore's birthday month comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the three pillars of this year's National Day Campaign; Unity, Resilience and Hope. In the course of celebrating the resilience of the Singaporean spirit, we encouraged a few of our volunteers to send messages of encouragement and hope to our youths.

The first of four, Nanyan (a volunteer with the Impart Education team), starts us off with a note penned to her youth (who affectionately chose the Pepe the Frog moniker).

Nicholas, a volunteer with Impart Community’s Common Ground Project, pens a note to the youth he met through sports and developed a love for mathematics with.

A note from a volunteer at Impart, Joshua, to his youth (turned Impart intern), Narish.

Rounding off our national day celebration, we hear from Aurea, a Community Care Fellow with our Mental Healthcare arm, as she pens a letter to her volunteers.

Community Care Fellows are volunteers trained to provide psycho-social support to other volunteers.

This has been a small exercise in proving that words are powerful, and a little encouragement always goes a long way.

As it has always been and moving forward, it is our hope that all of our volunteers and youths feel empowered by leaning and learning on one another through their journeys. We want to create a unified community that is resilient in the face of adversity, taking great strides into futures filled with hope and opportunity.


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