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"Her drive also motivates me to push myself to better support her." (Ryan, volunteer tutor)

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Image provided by Ryan.

Ryan is in Impart’s Curriculum Development’s team and also a volunteer tutor. He joined Impart after previous experiences supporting youth-facing-adversity.

"I got contacted a few weeks ago because a youth needed urgent help with her secondary school promotional exams.

She’s a very bright girl and she’s very determined! She’s keen to go to the Poly Foundation Programme and has been working very hard to get there. Her drive also motivates me to push myself to better support her. A few weeks ago, we had two to three hour tutoring sessions for five days a week. It was a bit tough to juggle this with my university load, but her incredible determination makes it a lot easier. She was so focused during our sessions and we spent nearly all three hours on work each day. In that week, we managed to cover Geography, Physics, English and Social Studies! Thankfully, my work in the Curriculum Development team was also useful and provided me the necessary materials to tutor her.

Also, she has so much energy! I find myself trying my best to match her energy in order to better support her. She always laughs at me because sometimes during our tutoring sessions, I’ll give her a thumbs up when she gets a question right, and it’s exactly like my WhatsApp icon, where I’m doing that. It's quite funny!

I’m very hopeful for her. I think that even if she doesn’t do well for her immediate exams, she will if she continues with this attitude. We’re still meeting regularly for sessions, and I’m really grateful to have the chance to try to make a little difference in her life."


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