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Meet Julieann

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Image provided by Julieann.

Julieann is a 16 year-old N-Level student who moved from the Philippines to Singapore with her family at the age of five. She’s been with Impart for the last five years.

What have you been up to this circuit breaker?

I got two new rabbits! It was getting really boring at home so now we have Coco and Oreo. One boy, one girl. We adopted them from my mom’s friend. She has a lot of rabbits so she gave us two. They’re always biting me though!

How was the online tuition during CB?

Having tuition online hasn’t been an issue, in fact I needed it even more during CB. I slacked a lot during CB because HBL wasn’t engaging...I didn’t really learn anything and kept falling asleep during classes. But before tuition I’ll always ask to go through certain papers or topics I don’t understand, so the one- on- one help has been really productive actually.

How do you feel about the last few years in Impart?

I’m glad to have met a lot of my tutors, they’ve been helping me pass maths since I was primary five. Haha, it’s always been my worst subject and why I first joined Impart as a tutee. If my maths continues to improve, I really hope to join Impart again as a tutor one day!


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