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"I know how hard it can be to be alone."

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

“I know how hard it can feel to be alone,” shares Jas. Struggling herself with depression in secondary school, she believes in the importance of a supportive network and self-coping skills. Today, Jas supports youths with similar struggles of self-harm and suicidal ideation under Impart’s Mental Health Care arm.

Many of the children and youths in the community are dealing with life and/or psychological adversities in their daily lives. This has consequences on their mental wellness and in turn other aspects such as education, employment and social relationships. We are committed to improving mental wellness in children and youths in the community.

Jas is one of the many volunteers in Impart’s Mental Health Care arm. Trained to support youths through emotional distress, she imparts coping techniques such as visualisation or breathing exercises, and provides companionship to her youths. Watch this video by Our Better World to learn more about what volunteers like Jas do!

Find out more about Impart Mental Health Care here.


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