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Amirul's Story

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

#letitsync is a series where we feature real stories of youths braving through their psychological adversities. Meet Amirul!

Portrait of Amirul by @zoey.draws

One should always be mindful about mental primers. Some of the most successful individuals we know are the product of healthy environments and persistent primers. And healthy self-perception and positive affirmation are often necessary parts of the puzzle.

But Amirul never received such positive primers while growing up. His parents were often dismissive of his worries surrounding bullying to the point where they would label him getting bullied as his own fault. Such attacks on his image gave rise to self-harming tendencies that affected his studies as well. Over time, the irreconcilable differences he experienced with his family eventually made him leave his house and want to fend for himself. When a social service agency contacted SYNC about Amirul, he was sleeping on the streets and at overnight study areas. Just 19 years of age, and already alone on the streets.

You might be surprised to know that Amirul remained resilient throughout this time. We do not think of the homeless as ones who possess resilience — perhaps our mental primers about success require reshaping as well. Amirul would remind himself that his suffering was not permanent and that one day, he would be able to get out of the unpleasant situations that he was in. Thankfully, SYNC managed to locate a stable residence for Amirul. After ten months of searching, he now lives with an elderly lady who is, fortunately, kind enough to let him stay.

As his housing situation developed, Amirul also cultivated hope, motivation, and direction in his life with SYNC at Project Cope. He learnt various coping skills, and found connection to a safe space where he could explore his interests and participate in community life. To make matters better, Amirul has also taken concrete steps towards his dream of working as a professional animator. SYNC’s Youth Advocate came alongside Amirul every step of the way, securing funding from Mendaki and supporting Amirul’s successful application for studies at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Reflecting on his journey, Amirul encourages everyone to not lose hope and to always be resilient. He also shares the importance of both seeking help and also accepting it when it is offered to us. The world can be a cruel place so the least we could do is to be kind to ourselves and welcome graciousness when it comes our way.

Keep your eyes peeled — Amirul is definitely primed for more.

Amirul has completed Project Cope which enabled him to regulate himself through the adversities and SYNC’s Outreach service (IMNA - I’M Not Alone) strengthened his resolve for a brighter future. We are grateful for everyone who has partnered with SYNC in order to support him.

👩‍🎨 Artist: @zoey.draws


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