Impart is a collective that relates to vulnerable youth in Singapore.


Joshua took on a full-time job at the Singapore Boy’s Hostel (SBH), where he worked as a Security Officer before his post-secondary education. In his time there, he realised the importance of relating to vulnerable youths, and he also saw substantive areas for change within the system.


This began a two year period of trial and many errors, where Joshua worked closely with Narash, a full-time case worker at Trybe with years of experience working with at-risk youths, in an attempt to invigorate the system.


Building off signs of success in 2017, Impart was officially formed in 2018 when Joshua banded together with members across diverse communities to formalise the collective.


A program model that facilitated pro-social behaviour and cross-community integration was put in place, and Impart partnered with Our Singapore Fund, Trybe, and Yale-NUS’s Community Impact Club (ComPact) to support a group of vulnerable youths through post-secondary education preparation.


Impart will continue doing what we do best - meeting diversity and bridging communities. By bringing volunteers into strategic partnership with social workers who have already been journeying with these youths, we present a more cohesive and efficacious framework for change that we hope will gradually improve the combined efforts of volunteerism in social sectors.

Beyond our immediate efforts with our vulnerable youths, we envision a culture of volunteerism in Singapore where simple, sincere, and strategic efforts are united into a whole larger than the sum of its parts, and we’d love for you to be a part of this!