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Joshua, founder, on the importance of little moments.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Image taken by Impart.

"In Impart’s early days, we were connected with a youth who had failed his N-levels once but wanted to try again.

This was a boy who grew up in an abusive and neglectful environment. Whenever he expressed any desire to study again his mum would just say, “Don’t study. It’s a waste of your time. You’re not cut out for school.”

Despite being entrenched in these different circles, he really wanted to try again and that meant a lot to us.

But it ended up being one of our most disappointing four months. For half of the times we had scheduled sessions with him, he was either late for an hour or didn't show up at all. Naturally, we didn’t have very high hopes when N-levels came around.

Yet, when results came out he got B’s and C’s which absolutely blew our minds!

It was only then that he told us he just didn’t understand. He didn’t understand why people were caring for his education. Why people who didn’t know him, didn’t have any connection to him, didn't have any material benefit to gain, would care way more than he cared for himself.

Every time he was late or didn’t show up and knew someone was just there waiting, he would go home and study twice as hard.

This completed the picture for us. It made us realise that just the very fact that someone cares, wants to be there, and invests their time - that means more than anything that we can see from the surface."


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