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We envision a Singapore where every youth is empowered in healthy communities of care.

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We pioneer volunteer-driven community solutions to enable transformative youth development.



Needs-based Approach


The idea of Impart was first formed in 2015, when we realised that few community-based programs were accessible to at-risk youths. This realisation came from our experience working in a formal youth rehabilitation institution, where we were impressed by the quality of institutional resources, but concerned by gaps in aftercare services. To complicate the aftercare landscape, many social workers and caseworkers who form the bulk of professional youth work were not receiving robust and coordinated support from community-based programs. Finally, many volunteers struggled to facilitate deep impact through their volunteerism hours.


Impart was formed with the desire to bridge these needs.


  • Identified aftercare gaps (community- connectedness, education)

  • Trialed volunteer-driven aftercare models

  • Successfully supported first youth through academic transition in 2017, in partnership with 1 SSA

Youth-Centric Design


The more we spent time getting to know our youths and their youth workers, the more we recognised theneed to refine existing program models. Our time spent listening to these voices alerted us to the need for a greater diversity of support which functioned organically within communities, rather than rigidly within formal institutions.


  • Refined our community-centric outreach model

  • Piloted Sports and Passion development opportunities

  • Scaled up the number of youths supported, and diversified the types of SSA partnerships

Community-Building Vision

2020 - PRESENT

After we established the relatively high degree of intervention effectiveness, we found the bandwidth to invest in community health. To borrow an analogy, isolated intervention programs can function as safety nets, but networks of care are trampolines. And we want more trampolines. When we invest in strong communities where youths can find a home, we also empower communities to help themselves.
This explains Impart’s focus on coordinating strong partnerships with community groups, and within communities.


  • Piloted an Impart Sports project within the Kampong Glam community

  • Partnered with professional youth workers from 14 different SSAs and Community Groups
    Formalised working relationship with key community stakeholders and organisations

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