We envision a Singapore where every youth experiences and enjoys holistic growth regardless of their background.

Impart's Journey

Impart began its operations in 2017, and registered as a non-profit organisation in 2019. However, the idea for Impart began in 2015, when our team member was working at the Singapore Boys’ Hostel as supervision staff and realised that many youth offenders struggled with community reintegration.

This sparked the desire to develop holistic community-driven support systems for youths facing adversity — a desire which we have developed into our unique model of care that builds off the passion of our volunteers while leveraging on the expertise and experience of existing community stakeholders.

Today, Impart collaborates with a span of social service organisations and stakeholders to develop strong networks around youths facing adversity, where they receive quality access to educational support, sports engagement programmes and passion projects. These programs help to create tangible improvement in the developmental circumstances of ours youths, and also opportunities where youths can experience positive change in the larger narratives that they hold to be true about themselves, their prospects, and their communities.

We are constantly looking for volunteers and collaboration opportunities.

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