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impart Education

Education matters, and we want to help every youth experience education with hope for the future.

We work closely with community stakeholders to ensure that educational resources are paired with the right relationships -- creating an educational experience where youths-facing-adversity can thrive.

Academic Tutoring

~1000 youths do not progress past secondary level examinations each year. Our Youth Advocates provide 1-to-1 academic support to them.

Recruitment cycles for Youth Advocates run throughout the year, with most of the demand coming in the first quarter of the year.

Passions Project

We believe in a whole-of-life approach to education that expands beyond formal educational qualifications.


Through our Passion Projects, we create opportunities for youths to develop their interests outside of an academic setting.


Critical Thinking Learning Journey

We run a day-long workshop where youths learn critical thinking skills in applied settings.

We develop practical critical thinking skills grounded in real-life scenarios in order to strengthen youth’s clarity of thought and confidence in their own beliefs.

Academic Tutoring




We support youths facing adversity through their preparation for their national examinations. Most of them take ‘N’/‘O’ Levels, some of them take other modes of national examination (i.e. PSLE), and some of them take the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Assessment as an alternative educational pathway.


Most of our youths fall between the ages of 15-19 years old, and we have supported youths as young as 11 to as old as 25.


Our volunteer tutors provide 1-1 academic support services, and they are recruited from diverse backgrounds with a focus on finding the best fit for both volunteer and youth.


 ~1000 youths do not progress past secondary level examinations each year, and most of them face a complex web of challenges in their personal lives.


Our ground-experiences with these youths, their social workers, and their families inform us that they need especially urgent support which is adaptable to their complex circumstances. Doing so ensures that their formal development is sustained through personal adversities.

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When & Where?

Weekly tuition sessions take place at a suitable time for both the youth and the tutor in a public place.


Impart coordinates case referrals from social workers and community partners to identify youths with the most pressing needs. These community stakeholders function as the relational bridge for our volunteers to be introduced into our youths’ lives. It works better this way.


Volunteers are provided with baseline training and academic resources for their tutoring.


Our volunteer engagement team then facilitates the engagement between volunteer tutor, youth, and community stakeholders — thereby translating every volunteer experience into a community building effort.


As we went along, we did start to grow closer. Yaash and I both practice Muay Thai, so one time after a tutoring session, I asked him: "Eh, how's your Muay Thai?" He told me about his training, then asked me: "Why don't we spar for a bit? We can have a training session now!"


Volunteer Tutor with Impart in 2020



Age Requirement


Skill Sets / Experience

Commitment Level

Youth Advocate

Refer to the information link for more details

  • Support youth in their educational pursuits (e.g. N(T), N(A), O Levels, WPLN)

  • Develop a customised education plan for youths, alongside programme managers

Experience working with youths and prior tutoring experience preferred.

  • Weekly training sessions in Nov-Dec 2021

  • Weekly tutoring sessions (~1.5 hours) in 2022 (minimum 4 months)

Note that you will be matched only if there is a suitable youth for you.

Passions Project

passions project


Passion Projects are open to any youth under our other programmes.


Our pool of practitioners will work together with our youths to achieve a set of goals that are  collaboratively created, culminating in a celebration of the youth’s achievement at the end of the programme. This celebration is just the beginning, and we find communities of like-minded individuals, united by a similar interest for the youth to further their passion.


Formal academic qualifications are not the be-all and end-all of education, and we want to support our youths in developing interests that lie outside of formal education as well. This is in line with our whole-of-life approach to community building.


Our volunteer engagement team, in collaboration with community stakeholders, identifies interests that our youths are interested in pursuing and our Passions team matches them with practitioners from our practitioner pool.


Each practitioner-youth pair will collaboratively develop a set of goals and an accompanying game plan. Developmental progress is monitored  by our volunteer engagement team, and community stakeholders are involved in every step of the process. At programme completion, our Passions team, together with the practitioner, will introduce the youth to potential communities they may join to further develop their passions. 

Critical Thinking Learning Journey



Our Learning Journeys are open to all our youths, who will participate in these learning journeys together with their assigned Impart volunteer.


Learning Journeys are experiential workshops that teach critical thinking skills in applied settings.


We believe that education should equip us with the skills and tools to critically interact with the world around us. Through activities that challenge our youths to think on their feet, observe their surroundings, and interact with strangers, our learning journeys develop applied analytical thinking skills that are crucial to meaningfully navigating our world.



We engage community stakeholders to learn about critical-practical skills that youths need support in developing (e.g. class presentations, job interviews). Our Learning Journeys team curates workshops that speak directly to these needs, and conduct them during the school holidays.

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