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Community matters.


Youth development does not take place “in a vacuum” – development is influenced by various interconnected contextual influences in the youth’s environment. Effective youth interventions require improvements at the level of the community. 


We identify activities that interest our youths and collaborate with community stakeholders to build community through play.

Common Ground Floorball

Common Ground Floorballl (CGF) is a project under Impart Community. CGF leverages the power of communities to uplift youths facing adversity. Through Floorball, we aim to find common ground in diverse communities which thrive beyond labels.




We support youth residents from rental flat communities in Singapore.


We work together with youth residents to create regular floorball communities for youths to come together.


Sport surrounds us with a strong sense of community. It has the potential to engage and uplift underserved communities. 


By converting void decks into floorball courts, we conduct outreach programmes that lower barriers to entry for low-income communities.

Youths are grouped into teams, where they appoint their own captains, decide on their own team names, and design their own jerseys. Youths are partners in every step of this process of community co-creation, and are engaged in shared decision-making with the CGF team.


When & Where?

Every Saturday at the rental flats at Kampong Glam.

Our Principles



We value one-to-one relationship building and small group engagements. Strong social relationships and strong communities are inherently powerful to catalyse and drive change.


We believe in moving away from provision by external stakeholders, towards youth empowerment and ownership. In addition to individual growth and development brought about by youth empowerment,

it also enables more long-term programme sustainability.



Labels, stereotypes and negative stigma have been shown to be harmful for marginalised communities, keeping them in cycles of poverty, abuse, or offending. Sports provides a unique opportunity for us to find common ground in diverse communities which thrive beyond labels. 


We had just met, so I was really surprised to see how he opened up. It showed me just how much we all desire to connect and it made me a bit more conscious of the fact that every individual has their own story to tell. We have our own joys and struggles, and we all experience highs and lows.

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but just having those interactions and listening to what they share.... It makes you feel like you're part of their life in some way. They trust you enough to share their stories with you and invite you into their highs and lows.

Volunteer with Common Ground Floorball

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